Bitcoin Introduction

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be exchanged securely and instantly between two or more people anywhere in the world. It is an electronic currency that you can use to pay merchants for their goods and services on the internet. In fact, Bitcoin is likened to internet cash.

The use of Bitcoin to pay for goods and services does not require a middle man. From your personal Bitcoin account, you can send the Bitcoin equivalent of the goods and services purchased to the Bitcoin account of the merchant or any other person you want to send money to; the merchant will receive the money instantly. With Bitcoin, you don’t have to wait for banks to accept and process your transactions.

The value of Bitcoin is the same all over the world. The value of Bitcoin in Germany is the same as the value of Bitcoin in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Japan, and every other place on the planet. Furthermore, Bitcoin charges very low fees on currency exchange – about 0.5% on the average. Most importantly, when using bitcoin for financial transactions, you should be rest assured that your transaction is secured because Bitcoin transactions are protected with the latest state-of-the-art security. Thus, the fear of your account being compromised is totally eliminated when using Bitcoin.

Micro Investment in Shared Mining/Farming


We offer those who are interested in owning bitcoins, but do not have the means or know-how, the chance to be part of bitcoin mining with small shares of our mining farm.

Cloud Mining Micro Investment

  • Minimum 0.5 BTC gets you 0.75 BTC in 9 months (depending on difficulty)
  • Bi-monthly payouts direct to personal wallets every 1st and 15th
  • All payouts are in BTC, regardless of current BTC prices
  • 3.5% Management fee
  • 9 month renewable cloud mining contract


  • More than 50% BTC, than buying outright at current prices in 9 months
  • All payouts in direct in BTC
  • Huge potential for growth with increasing BTC exchange rates
  • Low minimum investment for startup Bitcoin enthusiasts
  • Immediate payouts direct to personal wallets
  • Traditional bank offer at most 5% per annum, we offer 50% in 9 months

BTC Value and Trend


Bitcoins are slowly being recognized around the world, with various institutions now embracing bitcoins as the currency of the future. Banks are now being opened in Australia that are solely dedicated in bitcoin transactions. Facebook is also now testing payment for its ads using bitcoins.

Projected Value BTC

The value of bitcoins is projected to increase several folds in the coming future as it is slowly being utilized by different organizations and institutions. Based on current trends and if it follows it continued growth, owning bitcoins now will surely payoff exponentially.